YPH is co-established by two chemical industry enterprises, namely, ICL and YTH. YPC, a subsidiary of YTH gave out all the properties and business of Haikou Mine and established the JV with ICL. Then the JV finished the acquisition of Three Circles and Tianchuang, and finally completed the composition of the JV: a Sino-foreign joint venture that integrates phosphate mining and beneficiation, fine phosphorus chemicals and the R&D, production and sales of specialty fertilizer.


      As a international leading comprehensive cooperation in chemical industry, ICL has advantages in terms of marketing, technology, management, R&D, etc., and its technical innovation and resource comprehensive utilization is among the top worldwide. Being a new win-win achievement of the cooperation between Yunnan and Israel, the JV between ICL and YTH is of great significance, and will leave a profound influence. 

The establishment of the JV is strongly supported by CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, People’s Government of Yunnan Province, and other related departments by providing the two partners efficient, pragmatic, and convenient services. The support from the authorities helped the JV to grow stronger and bigger. Additionally, the support from the authorities has also given a hand to the upgrade of phosphate industry in Yunnan Province. It has driven the whole industrial chain to a better and faster development.


Inauguration Ceremony of YPH

Li Jiheng (on the right) and Nir Gilad, President of ICL (on the left) unveiling the nameplate of the JV

Two parties signing the cooperation agreement

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