Three Circles Chemicals Co., Ltd. (3C), a subsidiary of YPH, was established in 1972. 3C is the large state-owned company who adopted wet-process for phosphoric acid to produce high-concentration phosphate compound fertilizer. 3C has a TSP unit with an annual capacity at 400kt, a MAP unit with an annual capacity at 300kt, a DAP unit with an annual capacity at 200kt, a Slurry MAP unit with an annual capacity at 120kt, an industrial grade phosphoric acid unit with an annual capacity at 60kt, a MKP unit with an annual capacity at 50kt, a urea phosphate/industrial MAP/ industrial DAP unit with an annual capacity at 80kt, etc.

3C attaches great importance on the quality of the products. TSP produced by 3C has successively won titles such as “Yunnan Top Brand”, “China Top Brand”, “Brand of Yunnan”, “National Inspection-Free Product”. PMAP has won “Brand of Yunnan”. The products of 3C have been sold to over 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia.

3C has advanced management model. It has already passed certification of GB/T19001 quality management system, GB/T24001 environmental management system, GB/T23331 energy management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system, realizing “4 standards in 1 system” management framework.

Upon the establishment of the JV in 2015, the company has made an integration of management model, technology, resources, productivity, etc., and has realized a new round of leaping development. Through the integration, the company has optimized the whole industrial chain of phosphate, consisting of four major sections: commodity fertilizer, specialty fertilizer,semi-specialty fertilizer  and products under R&D.

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