Yunnan Phosphate Haikou Co., Ltd(here in after referred to as YPH) was established in 1966, and located in Tao Shuqing village, Haikou Town, Xishan District, Kunming City,Yunnan Province.The Mining area of YPH is located in the junction of Kunming City and Anning City.

With a rich phosphate ore reserves, and over fifty years development, YPH has been developed into a modern phosphate enterprise, with a mining capacity of 3.5 million tons/year, scrubbing capacity of one million tons/year, and flotation capacity of 2 million tons/year, which integrates the exploitation of phosphate rock, mine processing such as scrubbing and flotation process. The main product is flotation product and acid method ore.

With greater emphasize on management optimization, YPH has gotten the certification of National IS9001-2000 Quality Management System, IS14001-2004 Environmental Management System, GB/T28001-1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System(OHSMS), Non-Coal Mines Work Safety Standardization Certificate, and also "Cleaner production" Qualified company successively. In particular, YPH was approved as a member of the National Green Mining Convention, which made YPH become one of the first batch of the National Green Mines.

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