1. Integrity Management: In all YPH business operations, YPH have shown honesty and fairness, consciously abide by the laws and regulations of the Government and take responsibility for our actions. The relationship between the company and its customers, suppliers, and business partners is the cornerstone of being able to manage and ensure long-term success.

2. Environmental protection: The company in the conduct of business process consciously protect the local natural environment, and strive to continuously improve the environmental protection of products and business. Adhere to the principle of "Protection with development, development with protection", YPH attaches great importance to mine ecological recovery, reclamation rate of more than 90%. YPH conscientiously implement the construction project with "three simultaneous" system in environmental protection, environmental protection facilities matching rate of 100%.

3. Harmony: The company and local communities regularly communicate and coordinate, and establish a harmonious and friendly relationship. Through economic cooperation, support the development of local enterprises, provide labor and employment opportunities, and promote local economic development. Pay attention to the cultural exchanges between enterprises, enhance the friendship between enterprises and locals, harmony and common development.
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